About Us

Anchor Book Press, Ltd is an independent hybrid publisher with an author centered approach to publishing. Because we are a small company, we can provide the individual attention you need to successfully publish your book. The low overhead associated with small businesses allows us to pass the savings on to you, providing many services at a fraction of the cost normally associated with an independent publisher. In addition to publishing, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs with a quick turnaround time, allowing you to partner with us to publish a high-quality book in less time than it takes to get a contract with another publisher. Give your book a chance! Contact us today to get started.


Copy-Editing: Everyone needs editing, either by us or someone else. No one reads a book that is filled with grammatical errors or poor sentence structure. Even if you do not publish with us, you will need your book edited. Publish a book that you will be proud to say is your own. Our professional editors will make sure your manuscript meets the requirements of Amazon and other print on demand publishers. Prices start at $300. Contact us for special pricing for children’s picture books, poetry books and books that are consider quick reads.

Discount Available if you choose a complete publishing package.


Formatting: We publish through print-on-demand companies like Amazon. You may wonder why you need us and Amazon. Well, that depends. Some people do not need formatting help, but it can be overwhelming. Some people don’t want to spend the time it takes for continual revisions until it is right. One missing page break or spelling error can take 30 minutes to correct. The wrong size cover or gutter issues can take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple weeks, depending on the complexity. The choice is yours. Prices start at $200.  Contact us for special pricing for children’s picture books, poetry books, and books that are considered quick reads.

Discount Available if you choose a complete publishing package.


Record Keeping: The old saying is true – nothing is certain except death and taxes. While we don’t offer advice on taxes, if you are doing your own taxes, we can show you simple record keeping that will help at tax time. If you are having your taxes prepared, we can save you money by showing you how to organize income and expenses so that it takes less time for your tax preparer. Prices vary according to need. Simply request information if you choose one of our packages. Note: These are basic organizational strategies and not tax advice.


Publisher: If Anchor Book Press,Ltd edits and formats your book, we will also provide the ISBN so your book will be Published with the imprint of Anchor Book Press. If you want to self-publish, choose just the services you need and Amazon will provide an ISBN and your book will be listed as being published independently. While it is sad to say, many people look down on self-publishing. Most people who have not tried to sell a manuscript have no idea how the publishing world works. When they think of self-publishing, they think of vanity publishers who will publish anything you will pay for. A publisher’s name lends credibility to your work. There is no charge for this service if your manuscript is accepted for publication. If you choose a complete package, Amazon will include Anchor Book Press on the product page as the publisher, giving you credibility in the publishing world.