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Captain John W. Arens and Charley Valera are both U.S. Veterans. When Captain Arens decided to write his autobiography, he did what all great Captains do – teamed up with an expert. Charley Valera, author of best-selling, My Father’s War, was the perfect match. Together they created A Military Mustang: The Extraordinary Life of Captain John W. Arens. In A Military Mustang, John and Charley tell the story of John’s journey from his boyhood during the Great Depression to his retirment today. The stories include Arens’ adventures of joining the Merchant Marines at 17 because he was too young for any other branch of the military, to being drafted while at sea, to paratrooper, to Arctic Diver, to Army Ranger and finally Captain of a U.S. Navy ship.  Going above and beyond in service to our country for 37 years, John served with honor and humility.


A native of Cape Cod, Camille Buffington holds degrees in Psychology and Creative Writing from Wheaton College (MA). She has previously published poetry in literary magazines and an article in an anthology.  Her latest work is a children’s book, Brain Stormers. Camille currently works in the publishing industry, but in her previous employment working with preschoolers, she discovered that children love superheroes. And I mean love. She hopes that the heroes in Brain Stormers will inspire kids of every age to investigate the structures behind their own thoughts. With a scientific mind and a literary heart, her favorite word has always been “why” (to the chagrin of her friends and family). Camille can be found practicing archery in her backyard, writing cryptically in her notebook, or playing her latest piece on the piano. Her own superpower is the ability to memorize long strings of numbers, and yet forget to grab the cookies from the oven.


An author and a Marine, Nathan Decety is passionate about improving major institutions. Nathan studied History at the University of Chicago before joining the Marine Corps. In addition to serving our country, Nathan Decety works in the management consulting and financial services industry. He previously published research on Ancient Sparta and is excited to write for non-academic audiences. He currently lives in the Chicagoland area – despite the cold.


A native Floridian author, Barbara Marvin has spent many years perfecting her craft. A writer’s writer, Barb wrote for years for herself. Upon completing Unfinished Business, Barb decided it was time to seek a publisher. Barb’s books are set in Southern Florida. The reader feels like they have been transported to the very cities in the book. Citrus City in her first book is a generic city that could be any small Florida town in the 50’s. Deceptive Business and The Murder Book are set in Sarasota, an area many people are familiar with. As her characters come alive on the page, the reader finds it hard to put the book down. Barb has just completed her 3rd novel, The Murder Book, which is available on Amazon.

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Carol Pirog is an educator and author who has spent many years teaching students from all backgrounds. Working in wealthy districts and low-income districts, she has realized that all students learn differently. How students learn and approach education varies depending on background experiences.  One-size doesn’t fit everyone in clothing, nor does it fit everyone in education. Carol’s book, Surviving Common Core Math, shows that all students can be successful in math, but not using the same methods. All students are different and the education system will continue to fail a large number of students if teachers continue to teach everyone the same.  Carol Pirog is also the author of Common Core and Multiplication Facts and Common Core and Addition Facts. These books will help children build a strong foundation for higher level math skills in just minutes a day. 

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Belinda Adams has degrees in Psychology, Elementary Education, and Special Education. She worked a number of years in private business before completing her education degrees and changing careers to become a teacher. As luck would have it, her first job was in a school on the low-income side of a large district. After making it through that first year, she felt she had a calling to serve under resourced students and their parents. This was a number of years ago, before teaching was so regulated. Therefore, she was able to perfect her craft by searching for what worked for her students. With success rates at the top of the charts for students who had only known failure, Belinda decided to write a book, Can You See Me, sharing her experience with what works with low-income students. Last summer, Belinda finished her second book, Don’t Look Too Closelywhich takes a look at students of trauma and what educators and other adults can do to help students suffering from trauma. Both books have Quick Start guides.  Released in September, Why MATH Mental Anguish to Humanityis Belinda’s latest book on how to teach math and science when you hate those subjects.

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Angie Woodworth has spent many years working with young children. Of course, part of any teacher’s day is spent reading to children. Through the years Angie has written many poems for children. Oh! Sparky! is the first poem that Angie set in book format. It is perfect for young children. As they read about the lovable, yet mischievous Sparky, they learn that being lovable and making mistakes go together. Based on Angie’s multi-racial family, artist Gabrielle Anderson portrays the mischief loving Sparky in a multi-racial family. Oh! Sparky! is the perfect gift as a read-aloud for preschoolers or  a read-by-myself book for beginning readers.

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