About Us

Anchor Book Press, Ltd is an independent hybrid publisher with an author centered approach to publishing. Because we are a small publishing house, we can provide the individual attention you need to successfully publish your book. The low overhead associated with small businesses allows us to pass the savings on to you, providing many services at a fraction of the cost normally associated with an independent publisher. In addition to publishing, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs with a quick turnaround time, allowing you to partner with us to publish a high-quality book in less time than it takes to get a contract with a Big Five publisher. Give your book a chance! Contact us today to get started.

At Anchor Book Press, Ltd we look for books that inspire, entertain, or instruct. Most genre is accepted. Nonfiction is accepted, but mostly educational, parenting, and Christian titles. Anchor Book Press, Ltd does not accept picture books (except children’s books), graphic novels, comic books, or books with offensive material.

Independent Publishers otherwise known as indie publishers are the most rapidly growing group of publishers in the book publishing industry. Some indie publishers are now so large they do not take unsolicited manuscripts. Anchor Book Press, Ltd is a fairly new publishing company and we are currently considering all manuscripts that fit our submission guidelines. Anchor Book Press, Ltd offers the following advantages:

  • Professionally prepared manuscript you can be proud of
  • Author keeps 100% of the ownership and copyrights to their books
  • Auto-listing on Amazon
  • Author controls content – editing needs your approval
  • ISBN is included in your package
  • Fast turn-around – instead of years, your book can be published in months
  • Support for formatting e-books and paperbacks
  • Author sets retail price – guidance provided on best return rates
  • Author receives higher royalty rates – up to 70% on e-books and 60% on paperbacks, less printing cost
  • Print on demand – no stockpile of books you must store
  • Your book will be listed in Books in Print (the leading bibliographic database for libraries, publishers, and retailers)
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Otherwise known as indie publishers. This is the most rapidly growing type of publisher in the book publishing industry...
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Traditional Publishers
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