Forward for Don’t Look Too Closely by Belinda Adams

Forward I am so excited that you have chosen to read Don’t Look Too Closely. In this book, Belinda Adams takes a look at hurting children. She shares her perspective with stories from her classroom, that help us to see what we can do to provide a bright spot in the lives of children who […]

Excerpt from Can You See Me

An Excerpt from Can You See Me? (Chapter 5: Stories You Wouldn’t Believe But You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!) Marco: “It Might Be in Something Wet” It was early in the school year, probably the 2nd week, when my cell phone was stolen from atop my desk. I noticed it was gone immediately upon […]

Self-Publishing – Pros & Cons

There are a lot of things to consider if you are planning on self-publishing your manuscript. If you are a writer, you don’t need to be told that the publishing industry has changed dramatically with the introduction of technology and print on demand companies. The question for writers who have not been offered a contract […]

Celebrate Milestones to Combat Discouragement

As a writer, I think one of the most important things you can do is to celebrate milestones. Writing takes time. Writing is not a sprint; it is like running a marathon. It takes lots of perseverance and creative energy. So, it is easy to get discouraged along the way. I know many authors with […]

Traditional Publishers: These are the big 5 publishers. Writers submit manuscripts. Publishers accept manuscript and offer a contract. However, as most writers know it is very difficult to get someone to even read your manuscript, much less offer you a contract. It is a very long process. These publishers offer:

  • Advance (though it may be small)
  • Auto-Listing on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • Market Support (often not what is expected)
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Orders for wholesale are filled for you
  • Accept risks of publishing
  • Editor changes your book to control risks
  • Publisher owns your book and copyright

Self-Publishers: Writers who are going through Amazon or a similar company to publish their book.

  • Retain 100% of rights to your book
  • Control the content of your book
  • Set retail pricing
  • Higher royalty rates
  • Listed on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
  • Obtain editing services on your own
  • Format document and create cover independently

Independent Publishers: Otherwise known as indie publishers. This is the most rapidly growing type of publisher in the book publishing industry. As a matter of fact, some indie publishers are now so large they do not take unsolicited manuscripts. Anchor Book Press, Ltd is a new publishing company and we are currently considering all manuscripts that fit our submission guidelines. Anchor Book Press, Ltd offers the following advantages:

  • Author keeps 100% of the rights to your book
  • Auto-listing on Amazon
  • Author controls content – editing needs your approval
  • ISBN is included in your package
  • Author sets retail price – guidance on best return rates
  • Author receives higher royalty rates – up to 70% on e-books and 60% on paperbacks, less printing cost
  • Print on demand – no stockpile of books you must store
  • Your book will be listed in Books in Print
  • Support for editing – changes subject to your approval
  • Support for formatting e-books and paperbacks
  • Record keeping tips – avoid problems with the IRS
  • Fast turn-around – instead of years, your book can be published in months
  • Risks are shared by author and publisher
  • Author retains ownership of the book and the copyright
  • Lowest cost in the industry for author